IMS Meets You Where You Are

IMS has served every industry that benefits from quality wear product solutions. Below are several industries that we serve.


Mining and Aggregate

It's obvious that the mining industry takes the biggest toll on heavy equipment parts and components. IMS has decades of experience in the mining industry successfully increasing the life of rollingstock and process equipment.

Fixed Power Plants

Plants of all types see traditional heavy equipment used, but also have custom machinery that requires extra attention and custom modifications to ensure long life. IMS can work closely with you to increase the life of your asset no matter how complex.


Road Building & Maintenance

IMS supports road builders and the diverse fleet of road building and maintenance equipment. Heavy Equipment we have serviced includes excavators, bulldozers, graders, trenchers, loaders and other such rollingstock and process equipment.

Wood, Forestry, Recycling & Bio Fuels

IMS is able to enhance a wide range of forestry equipment parts including mobile and process equipment.


Commercial & Industrial Construction

IMS works closely with clients in the construction industry across Western Canada and beyond. Mobile and process equipment all get used and abused on the job. IMS can help your construction equipment last.



  • Working with IMS has been advantageous for our crusher wear parts. They have recommended design adjustments which have made our parts more effective in the long run. The materials they use are top notch and haven't let us down yet.
  • Having IMS measure and make us new screens was a big saver. We used to replace these screens every month or two, now we can run several months between changeouts and when we need more they always have them in stock. They have also done variations for the different applications we require.
  • By using IMS CCO Plate in the right applications it has given us substantially more service life.
  • Using IMS white Iron in the correct locations made a huge difference for the wear life of our products. Totally worth the investment.
  • It's super handy that all IMS products and services are in one place. It has also has been very helpful to have IMS come on site and measure and assess work needed.
  • We had a hopper and grizzly all worn and twisted and it needed rebuilding. We took it to IMS and they repaired all worn areas. Went back on to the machine perfectly and seems stronger than new.
  • IMS has been very helpful bringing our buckets back to life. They worked on our buckets still attached to our machines to save us valuable time. Great to get the repair work done all in one place.
  • We use IMS injected carbide on our loader teeth and cutting edges and has been very effective.
  • We use IMS Weld on Half Arrows together with injected carbide weld, We used to change every 3 months or 800hrs. when adding the injected carbide weld this increased  our wear life to 22 months or 5,900 hrs.
  • We use IMS Carbide injected weld cutting edges for our front end loader, this have given us extended wear life making it well worth the extra cost. We keep our machine working longer with less downtime and in the end ultimately costs us less.
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