2023 – A Great Year Ahead
January 9, 2023

Truss Conveyors

Truss Conveyors in stock at our Abbotsford yard

Here at IMS we service many industries, but as our name suggests our roots are in mining. Aside from big machines like excavators that may first come to mind, we also fabricate parts for transporting and processing along the line.

Currently we have truss frame conveyors and accompanying parts in stock and ready to go! Alternatively we can build to suit, just give us the dimensions and we can start designing something custom for you.

Need it today? We have the following in stock in multiple quantities:

  • 30”X60’ 15KW Truss Conveyor with motorized head pulley
  • 30”X60’18KW Truss Conveyor with motorized head pulley
  • 40”X15” tail pulleys (.25” Wing)

More info available from our sales team, email and phone contact info available here.