Heavy Equipment
May 15, 2023

We recently attended the AGM and Tradeshow for the BC Stone, Sand and Gravel Association (BCSSGA) and had fun talking about heavy machinery and earthmoving equipment with everyone. But often when we tell friends and family that we do a lot of work for the aggregate industry, we find not everyone is clear on what that means.

Aggregates, according to the definition on the BCSSGA site , “refer to all types of quarry materials such as sand, gravel and rock”, and are used in road building and constructing bridges & buildings among many other uses. It’s the main component in both asphalt and concrete, so when we say we work with companies across a multitude of industries, we mean it!

Your best friend’s house, the local hospital, your school and the street outside of it…all are created thanks to aggregates. We’re proud to offer wear parts for the machines needed to build all of these. To keep those machines running so your new home is built on time, the highway is complete before your next road trip and your neighbour’s pool patio is finished in time for BBQ season!