Piranha Fused Plate Products

IMS' Fused Plate products are Chrome Carbide Overlay plate that have been Fused to create an extremely abrasion resistant surface .
Fused Plate is created using an advanced fusion-bond welding technology. In simple terms, the process is where a smooth but highly abrasive resistant chromium carbide deposit is welded to a steel underlying layer.

It has a smooth crack free surface due to the Fusing process. IMS' Fused plate has a wide range of uses and applications.
It can be used on mobile and stationary heavy equipment, can be plasma cut to various sizes, and fused plate can also be formed to meet specific requirements.


Fused Plate Characteristics

It can be installed by standard weld procedures due to the mild steel backing. It can also have inserts welded on allowing plates to be bolted in place.
The hard smooth surface greatly reduces and eliminates hang-up and material carry back.
For use in mobile equipment there is a reduced cost in fuel due to the fact of there being less surface friction.
Fused Plate life expectancy can be up to 30x life of mild steel & 5-7x life to that of conventional wear plate.
Hardness range from 60-64HRC

CCO Standard Plate Sizes

3/8"3/16" + 3/16" (10mm 05 + 05)39.37’" x 118.10" (1000mm x 3000mm)
1/2"1/4" + 1/4"  (12mm 06 + 06)39.37’" x 118.10" (1000mm x 3000mm)
3/4"3/8" + 3/8" (20mm 10 + 10)39.37’" x 118.10" (1000mm x 3000mm)

Other grades & thickness and sizes available upon request.

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