Frequently Asked Questions

1What is IMS core Focus?
IMS core focus is to provide wear solutions of parts, products and services to dealers, manufactures and end users of all types.
2What is Overlay Plate?
Overlay plate is overlayed with a hardface over a typical Mild steel baseplate making it an ideal wear surface for many applications and uses.
3Why is CCO plate have cracks on the surface of the plate?
Overlay plate has cracks on the surface due to the hard overlay weld that is applied , in the cooling process the cracks come from stress relief due to the weld shrinking as it cools , however the cracks only go to the base of the hardface overlay not into the substrait materal. The cracks indicate that the surface is a hard wearing material.
4How is CCO/Overlay & Fused Plate installed?
Due to the fact that they have a mild steel backing makes it very easy for install with standard welding process.
5Can CCO/Overlay & Fused Plate be formed?
Yes these plates can all be formed , if course there is some limitations as to the tightness of the forming etc. Also it can be formed with the Hardface inside radius or outside radius .
6What is CCO plate?
CCO Stands for Chrome Carbide Overlay. It is a plate that has weld overlay welded on top of a substrait to form a hard wear plate used for a wide range of wear applications.
7What is Fused Plate?
Fused Plate is a chrome carbide plate. The process is done thru fusion bond welding technology. The finished plates have a smooth hard surface, bonded to a substrait. Making and excellent wear plate for use in a wide range of applications.
8How much more life can be obtained thru using CCO/Overlay/Fused hardface plates?
It very much depends on the application, the product selected and how it is installed and how it is being used. -Given the correct material is used for the application life several times the life can be expected.
9What is GET stand for?
G.E.T stands for Ground Engaging Tools. Here at IMS this can be from Teeth, Cutting edges, Hammers, Strikers, Tips, & a wide variety of wear tools & products.
10Do we come onsite and measure up and assess jobs?
We have the ability to come to your site to asses, measure, review and consult.
11How is Carbide injection weld process work?
Carbide injected weld process is done by mixing crushed carbide together during the welding process forming and extremely abrasion resistant surface. This process is done in a controlled shop environment.
12Do we Pickup and deliver?
We have the ability to pickup and deliver. Many clients handle there own shipping and handling. For sites outside of our locale area we are happy to facilitate and arrange shipping.
13Where we all ship to?
We are able to ship our products to where ever you are.
14What is White Iron?
It is a casted High Chrome that is very hard and has excellent wear resistance. When bonded to mild steel substrait like IMS chocky bars and parts , these parts are very versatile for install with standard welding process . and used in a extremely wide range of wear applications.
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